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The "Monitor and Command" solution builds client/server libraries providing "monitor and command" messaging for embedded projects using .NET/NETMF/Mono.


The Visual Studio 2013 / .NET 4.5 solution building this middleware features :
  • Core projects, providing the .NET/Mono server and .NET/NETMF/Windows Phone 8 client libraries;
  • Test projects, using the core libraries in server/device/remote console applications for testing/prototyping purposes;
  • Demo projects, showcasing the use of the core libraries to define Netduino, Raspberry Pi, WPF & Windows Phone applications communicating through the .NET/Mono server.
Xamarin being integrated in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, it's now possible to develop for Android & iOS devices .NET/C# applications that integrate the Client library.

C++/Wiring "client" code is available for devices like Particle's Photon.

Monitor and Command Schema.png

Showcase videos

Short demo video showcase the use of the core libraries to provide monitoring and commanding between the server, running on: using the .NET/Mono server library to handle connections and to route messages between devices:
  • a Netduino Plus using the NETMF client to send random data (faking data generated by a sensor) and to receive commands to light on/off LEDs (;
  • a Netduino 3 Wifi sending the temperature read by a DS18B20 sensor ( or controlling the voltage applied to a LED with a MCP 4921 (;
  • a Raspberry Pi using the .NET/Mono client to send the status the LEDs of it's Pibrella board (;
  • a Raspberry Pi 2 using the .NET/Mono client to send random data (;
  • a Windows Phone using the WP client to receive the messages sent by some of the above devices and to send them back commands (;
  • a WpfMonitor application using the .NET/Mono client to present the data received from all devices on a WPF UI;
  • a Surface RT tablet using the W8 client to receive all the messages exchanged by the server and several devices and present them on a XAML UI

Additionnaly, an ASP.NET MVC application logs, through a WCF service called by the server, all the messages received by the server.


"How to" Documentation

The Documentation page explains how you can reference the solution's library to your projects to add messaging capabilities to your .NET/Mono/NETMF projects.

Visual Studio Solution

Detailed description of the solution :


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